The Western Isle
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Valinor Staff

The people here have all been involved in helping Valinor (and SorceryNet) what it is today. Some are still staff, some are not; you can check on IRC with /motd to see the current list of active Valinor operators.

Ankh is the main admin of, and also webmaster of Valinor. Ankh is also known as Liam Quin.
Arydrall has returned, and when he's not in #sorcery or #valinor, look for him elsewere. [Arydrall]
Classic plays the piano and composes and sings and wears black socks. Since he moved to the UK he is trying to have a social life, and doesn't do much IRC any more, so he is no longer an oper.
Castille is no longer a Valinor oper, sadly. [castille]
Neither is Dev.

Echostar is and has been an oper on this server since it was first connected. [echostar]
HairScare is a global oper on valinor, and competes with Echostar for the best hair.
HaLCy0n used to be a global oper on valinor and an SRA, lives in New Jersey and wouldn't take his jersey off. [HaLCy0n]
^JD^ is a global oper on valinor, interested in 3D design and art.
Max, also known as mtffm, can usually be found in #rafters. He isn't an oper right now. [max]
[zeratul] Zeratul is an oper in malaysia!

Through Evernight he back was borne
on black and roaring waves that ran
o'er leagues unlit and founderred shores
that drowned before the Days began,
until he heard on strands of pearl
when ends the world the music long,
where ever­foaming billows roll
the yellow gold and jewels wan.
He saw the Mountain silent rise
where twilight lies upon the knees
of Valinor, and Eldamar
beheld afar beyond the seas.
A wanderer escaped from night
to haven white he came at last,
to Elvenhome the green and fair
where keen the air, where pale as glass
beneath the Hill of Ilmarin
a­glimmer in a valley sheer
the lamplit towers of Tirion
are mirrored in the Shadowmere.
Fellowship of the Rings, Book II, Chapter I,
Many Meetings, p. 251,
Bilbo sings of Eärendil