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  A commercial IRC client.
  platform: Microsoft Windows
  homepage: http://www.klient.com/
  download: http://www.klient.com/download.html
  rating: *** (good, solid, with all the main features)
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From the klient web page...

What is Klient?
System Requirements

What is Klient?
Klient is an Internet Relay Chat client for Windows. It allows you to connect to IRC servers to chat with people on channels or in private.


System Requirements
To use Klient, you must have an Intel 486 (or equivalent) based system or higher running Windows 95, 98, or NT 4.0. I've heard from others that it runs on Win2000, but I do not claim to support it at this time. While it will run on 486DX266 systems, it is optimized for systems using a Pentium 166 or higher.

There are platform specific requirements for Klient as follows:

When it comes down to a choice between speed versus memory, Klient chooses speed. Klient will use between 7 and 13mb of RAM depending on how many dialogs have been opened. To leave enough room for Windows to run properly, 32mb of RAM is the recommended minimum and 48mb or more is preferred.

While it may consume a lot of memory, Klient's operations are very efficient and therefore are not a resource drain on your CPU. During normal operation, it will only uses between 1 - 2% of the resources of a 200MHz CPU, with occassional temporary spikes to 20-30%. If you use the add-on speech sythesizer, Klient will use 50-60% of the resources of a 200MHz CPU while it is speaking.

Depending on which system files you may already have on your system, Klient will use between 3.5 and 10mb on your hard drive. To leave an adequate amount of room for Windows' virtual memory, it is recommended that you have at least 60mb free on your hard drive.

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