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IRC Client List

Valinor / IRC programs

Here are links to some IRC programs (also called clients) you can use to connect to your favourite Internet Relay Chat Network.

The name of each client is linked to more information about it, and in some cases screenshots.

.NET  1 client  Microsoft dot Net
Acorn/RiscOS  2 clients  Acorn RISC OS system
Amiga  5 clients  Amiga
Applet  8 clients  Java applet to run in a web browser
Atari  2 clients  Atari
BeOS  7 clients  BeOS
CGI  2 clients  CGI Scripts (usually for Unix) to give a Web interface to IRC
DOS  2 clients  MS/DOS
EPOC  2 clients  Psion, Symbian and other handhelds
Java  13 clients  Any system that support Java programs
MacOS  16 clients  Macintosh
MagicCap  1 client  Magic Cap
Newton  1 client  Apple Newton
OS/2  2 clients  OS/2
PalmOS  4 clients  For PalmOS hand-held computers (Palm, handspring, etc.)
Unix  33 clients  Unix (Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, NetBSD, etc.)
Unix/X  35 clients  Unix with the X Window System (XFree86, CDE, etc.)
VM/CMS  1 client  VM/CMS on a large computer you probably can't afford
VMS  1 client  Digital VMS (for VAX or possibly Open VMS on a DEC Alpha)
WAP  2 clients  WAP-enabled devices, such as portable telephones
WebTV  1 client  Microsoft Web TV
WinCE  2 clients  Microsoft Windows CE
Windows  45 clients  Microsoft Windows

Many people have helped with this list, including Echostar, Pangea, String, iBrad, Milambar, Slaughter and others.

And in that time also, which songs call Nurtalë Valinóreva, the Hiding of Valinor, the Enchanted Isles were set, and all the seas about them were filled with shadows and bewilderment.

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