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The Valinor IRC Server Web Site: Awards

The Valinor web site won an award, in May 2002: The IRC WebWatchers Choice Site Award. The link below will take you to their web site. I have included, after the link and their image, the text of their award.

Image: IRC WebWatchers Choice Site Award

IRC WebWatchers Choice Site Award

Text of their message

Greetings from the IRC WebWatchers!

We are pleased to announce that on behalf of our worldwide judges and Membership, your web site has been awarded an IRC WebWatcher's Choice Award for the month of May 2002. The IWW has been granting awards to IRC Channel and IRC related services web sites for four years now and we are pleased to add your site to our distinguished list of winners.

Attached, please find a copy of your award and the HTML code that is required to place the award on your web site. The only thing that we ask is that you do display your award on your web site in order for us to maintain an active link on our site back to you for the world to see your award. Statistics prove that search engines and directories rank sites as more relevant when they do have links to relevant web sites, such as ours, that also maintain links back to them. If you choose to not link back to the IWW site within one week of your award, we regretfully have to remove our link to you in order to maintain the integrity of the winners who do. Once winners are moved to the past winners pages, if a link is not maintained, all mention of that winner is also removed from our site at that time. Many search engines and directories depend on us to maintain such integrity for their listing and indexing purposes.

Again, on behalf of our Executive Board, Judges and Members alike, we would like to congratulate you on being one of our selected winners for the IWW Choice Award. You can proudly display an award that many have applied and/or nominated for but few ever get. Your web site fits our ideology that IRC can and should be a better place for all of us and we are pleased to award such efforts.

Best Regards;
IWW Executive Board and Judges

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