Reviewing IRC Clients

I'm looking for reviews of IRC programs (clients) to put up alongside the Client List pages. If you want to review a program, please contact liam at first.

Here is what to do next.

Make careful notes; maybe keep a pen and paper handy, in case your computer crashes!

Installing the software

  1. Was it easy to find the right version to download? If not, give the URL you used.
  2. Was the installation easy? Were there any difficult questions?
  3. Did the package depend on you having anything else installed?
  4. Did you need to restart your computer after installing?
  5. If it's a script, what client (IRC program) is it for?

Running the Software

  1. What windows appear when you first start the program?
  2. Did you find any problems?
  3. Can you edit the list of servers?
  4. Can you control whether it autoconnects?
  5. Does it support multiple active sessions, with autoconnects and different nicks?
  6. does it do DCC?
  7. Does it show a JPG image while it's arriving, with DCC?
  8. what scripting language?
  9. what web integration is there? cick on URLs? save a list?
  10. can you change the fonts and colours?
  11. can it do logging and timestamping?
  12. can you use C/C++ modules too?
  13. did the program feel slick? Did things generally seem to work?
  14. Can you change keybindings?
  15. Can you switch channels without using a mouse?
  16. Can you use the mIRC-style alt-1, alt2 to switch channel windows?
  17. Does it have a status window, and if so, can you control what goes in it?
  18. Would you recommend it? To what sort of user?

Running the Software

  1. how much does it cost?
  2. is source available?
  3. is there a free trial?

Rate the program

A good rating helps people choose quickly

BAD had trojans, back doors, or is dangerous!
:-( don't bother
* works but not very nice
** you could use this if you had to
*** good, solid, with all the main features
**** better than most, very solid
***** you decided to use this program, it's the best

About you

This will help me understand how to use your review.

  1. Which IRC clients do you normally use? Which do you like the best?
  2. How long have you been using IRC?
  3. What is most important in an IRC client?
  4. What colour socks are you wearing? What sort of shoes?
  5. When you send me the review, remember to say who you are, and what nick you use, so I can give you credit.