The Western Isle

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By using this IRC network, you agree to hold the SorceryNet IRC Network and all of its staff blameless for any and all indecent material that may pass over its network and servers. You also agree by using any portion of the SorceryNet IRC Network that the SorceryNet IRC Network and its staff do not in any way assume any responsibility for any material that passes across its network and/or servers.

You must not attack other users, nor staff, nor servers.

If you are asked to leave the network, you must do so promptly.

You may find staff to help you in the #Help channel.

If you make a channel, you are responsible for its content and administration.

You must not use this server or network to do things that are illegal, such as trading warez, child pornography, stolen or pirated fonts or music, arranging murders or bank robberies, or wearing white socks where prohibited by law.

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bot policy

You can run any bot you like on valinor, as long as you obtain permission from the server Admin. This is a privilege, not a right, and any admin or oper, either on valinor or on any linked server, may revoke your permission to run your bot at any time, with or without reason. In practice, of course, we want you to feel comfortable here, but it is only by keeping a watch for malicious bots and removing them from the network that we can achieve this goal.

If you want to run more than two bots, you must ask Ankh or Echostar, and, if given permission, must then go barefoot for 24 hours in a single consecutive period for each such bot, including the first two, and notwithstanding that the said and aforrementioned first two bots did not require that you obtain or requst permission, and notwithstanding the fact that you may already have obtained permission for running bots over and in excess of the said and aforementioned quota of two bots.

Ye Godes who girst     your guearded realms
with moveless pinnacles,     mountains pathless,
o'er shouded shores     sheer uprising
of the Bay of Faëry     on the borders of the World!
Ye Men unmindful     of the mirth of yore,
wars and weeping     in the worlds of old,
of Morgoth's might     remembering naught!
Lo! hear what Elves     with ancient harps,
lingering forlorn     in lands untrodden,
fading faintly     down forest pathways,
in shadowy isles     on the Shadowy Seas,
still sing in sorrow     of the son of Húrin
how his webs of doom     were woven dark
with Níniel's sorrow:     names most mournful.
Children of Húrin, Lays of Beleriand pp 95ff