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  Commercial; text to voice, and can animate cartoon characters to speak out loud. They say people want this :-)
  platform: Microsoft Windows
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From the web site:

Masquerade allows for the text to be converted to voices and animated pictures which speak the voices, all of which gives you the freedom of more than just text based conversations. You do not even have to read the screen to be able to know what somebody is saying to you.

Masquerade converts all of the text in a channel or private messages into voice of your choice (all of which can be fully customized). Masquerade also has faces to go with the voices. You can use the Pix Editor to create your own picture file for someone to see - video conferencing without the video :)

Apart from all of the multimedia, Masquerade is a fully-featured IRC client with all of the IRC features and commands close at hand. No more typing "/list" etc., just press the button. Combine this with the first true multimedia IRC product and you have the most advanced IRC product available today: Masquerade.

The product is shareware and costs US$49

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