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  A skinnable German IRC client; also in English, Spanish (Españo/Argentina), Esperanto, French, Dutch, Lëtzebuergesc, Russian and Slovensky. See review for more details
  platform: Microsoft Windows
  homepage: http://www.DieBestenBits.de
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I received the following review from the program author (see the guide for reviewrs for the questions!). He didn't mention what colour socks he was wearing.

Scroll down for screenshots.


I don't think it would be fair to write a review about my own program, but
I would like to get dana included in Your IRC clients list. So here are
some facts about the current version: (following Your review 'guide')

Installing the Software
1) http://www.DieBestenBits.de/
2) there are different types of downloads available. an .exe for
installing and a .zip for just unpacking and starting
3) richedit is needed, so win32s might have some problems, but win95 and
higher (as officially supported versions) ship with this dll. to read the
(yes, gag, it's not a real help, yet) help, ms html help update has to be
installed on win95. this is automatically installed by internet explorer
4.0 or higher
4) no reboot needed

running the software
1) the main window and a dialog to enter your nick
2) yes and no. flaws. i hope there are no critical bugs in the current
(and upcoming) versions
3) serverlist can be edited
4) autoconnect is (de-)selectable
5) no. one server connection
6) no. i don't like dcc. - btw, as most people i know are behind NATs...
8) no scripting
9) this will be included before v1.0 - not yet - but selected text is
automatically pasted to the clipboard
10) not the fonts. the colors are defined in the skinfiles
11) yes and yes
12) no
13) what does 'slick' mean? i'm using the client 24/7. it does not crash,
no memory leaks.
14) no
15) yes, ctrl-tab
16) no
17) no status window
18) yes! it might not be too interesting for user wanting to use scripts,
but it's quite small, skinnable and has the ability to run out of the box.

the program is free for private usage. distribution is not allowed, since
old versions tend to stick on many sites. so i prefer people to download
the newest version from our site.

I think, it's 4.5/5 - it might miss the last star because of the missing
scripting. since i wrote this thing, it doesn't seem to be neccessary to
credit me.

Guido Stammel


Using the fancy skin:

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