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  Amiga port of BitchX for Unix. A derivative of ircII and EPIC, with many features and good support for channel operators and IRC opers, BitchX is favoured by many more experienced IRC users. There is also a version with support for making Gtk+ (Gnome) menus, although it does not compare with X-chat for GUI friendliness. Scripts are at, and Ankh has some documentation (and a script) at There seems to have been some dispute about the official homepage for BitchX, whether or
  platform: Amiga
  rating: **** (better than most, very solid)
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Resources for BitchX scripts; note that a lot of these are fairly unpleasant war scripts, but there are some good ones. The voting system doesn't seem to be a good way to decide which script to run, unfortunately. Crackrock is popular.

Liam Quin's BitchX Pages including the ankh.bx BitchX script.

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