IRC Reviews

Here is a list of Internet Relay Chat programs that you can use to chat to people online, by typing messages and reading what they type in response:

IRC programs (clients)

There is also a list of some active channels and nicks on SorceryNet, and a glossary of IRC terms.

If you would like the channels on your network added, contact liam at holoweb dot not, including a subject-line of irc request [socks: yellow], replacing yellow with the actual colour of socks you're wearing.

What is IRC?

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. You type a message on your computer (or mobile 'phone), and it's forwarded (relayed) to everyone in the same "room" or channel, and people can type out replies to you.

There are lots of different channels; you can see one list of channels as an example (the listing might take a while, be patient!). You can join a channel in most IRC programs by clicking on it, or by typing /join #socks, where of course you put the name of the channel instead of socks.

Make sure there's no space before the / and that you do have a space between join and the # because computers get fussy about things like that. If you are used to Microsoft Windows or MS-DOS, be careful to use the slash(/) and not the backslash(\).

What's IRC Good For?

People use IRC for all sorts of things:

Where do I get it?

Most Linux systems come with xchat; the Mac has Colloquy, or you can go and get it; for Microsoft Windows the most popular client is probably mIRC. See the ful list or IRC programs.


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